Definition of Coaching
This is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. The learner is sometimes called a coachee.

Categories of Coaching

Life – private/personal often by telephone/online – coaches are generally self-employed – typically weekly sessions of about 30-60 minutes – focus is on self-fulfillment and life decisions, which generally features career and/or own business development aims – strongly facilitative, not imposed or prescriptive
Personal – very vague term – can be the same as Life/Career, or refer to personal coaching within an organization by a coach or manager or mentor – the meaning needs clarifying where you encounter it
Career – similar to Life with emphasis on career development
Executive – often a service to the executive’s employer and paid for by the organization – coaches are self-employed or work for larger providers, for example, part of consultancy or training – strong emphasis on leadership, strategy, relationships, politics – executive coaches usually have considerable experience necessary for trust of their clients – fees are usually much higher than in life coaching
Business – BC can be a type of LC, or it could refer to the coaching of business skills within an organization – it’s a very vague term and certainly requires clarification if the precise meaning is important to you
Fitness – FC focuses on physical fitness, but may encompass wider wellbeing issues such as diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc.
Holistic is a powerful form of LC that approaches every aspect of a person’s life – body, mind, and spirit – in relation to the whole. It can help you access your full potential and make transformational changes.

Coaching Services that we offer:

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Category Description Price Schedule
Life Coaching covers subjects in all aspects of life: Health, Exercise, Diet, Lifestyle, and everything related to our mind, body, emotional aspects and spiritual aspects. Pay now to book a session! $77.77 / hour Book Appointment
Health Coaching covers more in depth aspects of health and healing. Pay now to book a session! $88.88 / hour Book Appointment
Spiritual Coaching covers all aspects of spirituality. Pay now to book a session! $99.99 / hour Book Appointment
Holistic coaching covers all aspects related to mind, body, emotions and spirit, balancing them to create a healthy and fulfilled life. Pay now to book a session! $111 / hour Book Appointment
Crystal Coaching covers everything related to Quartz Crystals and their usage. Pay now to book a session! $123 / hour Book Appointment