TheHealer Ltd

TheHealer Ltd offers products and services tailored
for our clients in order to achieve
Healing on all levels.
Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual

Spiritual Growth

Because our main goal is to share knowledge for the overall growth of every individual. And the means through which the information is shared are Online Courses, Webinars, and Books, both physical and electronic books.

Top Quality Products

Because our main physical products are Crystals, Quartz Crystals (a.k.a. Healing Crystals). And Crystals are known for their healing properties that help individuals evolve, improving their life.
All Crystals we sell pass through a selection process. And after the scan, the Crystals are cleansed and charged energetically. Because we want to make sure that we only offer the purest and high vibrational stones.

Personal Development

Because we offer services that are tailored for each individual's needs, with the final purpose of personal development and transformation.
And with services like Transformational Coaching and Healing sessions to choose from, something will definitely resonate with you.

TheHealer Ltd Services

We offer tailored services to suit each individual’s needs, with a wide selection to choose from. From audio meditations to hypnosis, from physical pain to emotional traumas, from mental development to spiritual growth. So we cover every aspect of your journey.

Because of our holistic approach, we help you reach a positive outcome, no matter what your situation is. And whether you struggle with stress and anxiety, unfulfilled desires, or a long-term dis-ease. Therefore, we are here to help you overcome whatever holds you back from living your life to the fullest!

So whatever the issue, feel free to contact us. Because we can start tailoring our services to help you overcome your situation right away.


“I am on a continuous journey discovering and learning more about the secrets of Life and mysteries of the Universe. Ever-evolving and growing on my spiritual path. So that I can improve the quality of the services I offer to the world.”

Robert Dosa – TheHealer Ltd


Healing Sessions

With a wide selection of healing techniques, we have the right tools to offer a bespoke healing experience. Because we want to help you overcome any issue or dis-ease you have encountered on your journey.
With healing services such as Reiki, Crystal, Angelic, Sound, and Hypnosis, there is definitely something in stock for you.

Coaching Sessions

We offer only two types of coaching: Transformational and Crystal.
Transformational Coaching is a tailored service with holistic approach with the final purpose of transforming every aspect of your life.
Crystal Coaching is a service through which our clients learn the proper ways of using Quartz Crystals (a.k.a. Healing Crystals). Because we share the knowledge of their health benefits and for improving one's life.

Reading Sessions

Our Reading sessions consist of two modalities: Tarot Reading and Crystal Pendulum.
In the Tarot Readings, a Tarot deck of cards is used. So that it offers an image of your life: past, present, and future.
In the Crystal Pendulum Readings, a Crystal Pendulum is used. So you can receive Yes/No answers to your questions.