This is a special bundle service that combines two powerful purifying energetic transmissions.
It is a complete Spell Breaker + Area Cleansing/Purifying + Holistic Healing session.

Pure Fire” stands for “Powerful Unified Realms Enforced Fire Integrated Raw Energy”. It is a powerful remote Purification & Charging transmission that fills up the area/people/objects with Pure Energy. “Pure Fire” works for situations like the following: you feel drained of energy, your living space needs purification, purification and charging of Quartz Crystals, and many other situations.

Fire Purge” stands for “Fire Integrated Raw Evolution Primordial Unified Realms Guided Energy”. It is a powerful remote Protection & Dispelling transmission that removes any and all negative energy from the desired area. “Fire Purge” works for situations like the following: you feel (or you know) that you have been cursed, you have dark spirits in your living space, your living space is loaded with negative energies/vibrations, and many other similar situations.

The Unified Realms, as I like to say, is a unique and powerful Reiki transmission that combines forces from a multitude of realms, that include the Angelic Realm, the Crystal Realm, the Elemental Realm and the Shamanic Realm.

From the Angelic Realm, there is Archangel Michael, which helps with cutting any and all negative etheric cords, protecting and shielding from incoming negative energies and entities, and Archangel Raphael, which helps with healing any and all issues that exist in the energetic body (Aura), which then helps the physical body to repair any and all existing issues.

From the Crystal Realm, there will be a 7 Chakra set specifically programmed for this powerful transmission, plus a Selenite Wand, that will help dispell and eradicate any and all negativity.

From the Elemental Realm, there will be the Element of Fire, which will be actively used to cleanse, purify and charge/recharge the area with Pure Divine Light, and for protection, using a Wall of Fire, that will transmute any incoming negative energy into positive, pure energy.

From the Shamanic Realm, there will be the Spirit of the Jaguar, which is said to “devour” any existing negative energies and entities.


This unique service will be available to the public starting on the 1st of June 2018. Only available weekly, on Saturday and Sunday, at a specific time, deep into the night, at 3:00 AM EET (Eastern European Time), that’s 0:00 GMT (midnight), 5:00 PM PST (Friday & Saturday), 8:00 PM EST (Friday & Saturday).
This service requires channeling of great amounts of energy and is listed as a Special Service on the website. However, in some cases, just one session is not enough, therefore the process has to be repeated.

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