Do you experience stagnant energies in your home? Are you or your children sensitive and scared in certain areas in your house? Have you tried to sell your house, but buyers seem to be running away?
Is your business stagnating or not doing well, even though you make every effort to make the business prosper?
Cleansing and blessing of the space ensure that the stagnant energies are removed, spirits are released with peace, and the living space is blessed for a good flow of energy. Often, like the Chakra balancing, we are able to find deeper roots for stagnant energies.
Cleansing the house/office is done using several spiritual techniques, which are different from one case to another because each location is different and may contain several or fewer elements that need to be cleared.

The process involves several steps:
– Space scanning – Detailed research of each room.
– Analyzing the elements and determining the methods that need to be used.
– Effective cleansing of each room.
– Blessings.
In some cases, multiple cleansing/purifications may be required, with only one clean-up failing to rebalance the energies.

Personal dwellings:
– $100 / home up to 50 square meters
– $150 / dwelling up to 100 square meters
– $250 / dwelling 100-250 square meters
– $300 / dwelling 250-500 square meters
– $500 / house over 500 square meters

Offices and Business:
– $200 / location up to 50 square meters
– $300 / location 50-250 square meters
– $500 / location 250-500 square meters
– $750 / location over 500 square meters

Industrial buildings:
– $1000 / hall up to 5000 square meters

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