Does your Crystal need cleansing? Does your Crystal need charging?

When you first purchase a Crystal from an esoteric shop, it needs to be cleansed. Why? Well, Crystals grow within the Earth. When miners harvest them, they take the energy vibration of each and every individual they come in contact with. Each individual carries a unique vibration at any given time, be it positive or negative, therefore, the Crystal gets imprinted with a specific pattern or program, creative or destructive.

When you use a Crystal that has not been cleansed, you may experience different energies that are not comfortable.

Cleansing a Crystal is easy, but some individuals do not know what recommended methods to use or lack the necessary tools or skills.

After using a Crystal, it is recommended that it is “recharged” with pure energy! Sometimes the Crystal becomes drained of its energy, and it needs charging. Also, after a cleansing, it is highly recommended to charge your Crystals. is offering Remote Crystal Cleansing & Charging for any number of Crystals that need to be cleansed at an extremely low cost!

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