The Shelter

Project: The Shelter

Purpose: Building a shelter for the homeless people and animals.

Reason: Due to the lack of jobs and low salaries in our country, more and more people end up on the streets.

The Shelter is self-sufficient, environment-friendly, powered by Solar and Wind Energy, have its own Water Source and have its own farming garden and fruit trees.

This shelter would bring benefits for the whole community, especially for the homeless people, who could have a place to stay, to wash, food to eat, health care, in one word, a place they can call home.

Also, as we love animals, we want to give them a shelter, because, in our opinion, every living thing needs love and care, and, with The Shelter, homeless animals will receive the love and care they need, including medical care.

The first step of this project is to start locally, building the first Shelter in our city.
The second step is to expand the project on a national level, building a Shelter in each area.
The third step is to expand The Shelter on an International scale, to help every country!