Our Offers

TheHealer.eu offers a wide range of services, from physical (in person) services to remote services, which include the non-physical and spiritual areas.
Our offers include:
– Life Coaching – with a wide area you can choose from
– Hypnotherapy & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
– Crystal Therapy – Metaphysical Healing, by using the properties of Quartz Crystals
– Alternative & Complementary Medicine – Spiritual, Energy, and Holistic Healing Services – Includes Reiki, Angels, Shamanism, and more…
– Home Cleansing – Removing negative energies from your living space and/or office, including spirits and other entities

We also offer Packages that include multiple practices at discounted prices! Click here to select your Package now!

Feel free to browse our website to find out the complete list of the services we offer!


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