Crown Chakra – Sahasrara – Color: Violet & White. It represents our ability to be completely spiritually connected. It is positioned on the top of the head. This represents illumination, intuition and spiritual vision. Offers energy for the pineal gland, the upper brain, and the right eye.
Emotional problems: inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality, and pure happiness.

When Chakra 7 is not balanced, the following occurs:
– believe in old beliefs that unforgivable sins are always too intellectual, depression, energy blockage, emotional imbalance, feeling of loss, inability to trust the values ​​of life, lack of self-understanding, lack of faith, lack of inspiration, too spiritual, prejudice to the world, rigid thinking, spiritual hatred, egoism, unmoved (head in the clouds), incapable of accepting new ideas, incapable of receiving universal power, unethical.