Throat Chakra – Vishuddha – Color: Light Blue. It represents our ability to communicate. It is positioned in the center of the neck. It is self expression, emotions, communication and creativity. Provides energy for the throat, thyroid gland, upper lungs, arms, and digestive tract.
Emotional issues: communication, self-expression of feelings, and truth.

When Chakra 5 is not balanced, the following occurs:
– one cannot say yes/no, confusion, criticism, fear of speech, communication problems, feel “incapable of doing as you please”, feel they can not control the situation, humiliation, introvert, incapable of saying what is in the mind and heart, critical, do not speak the truth, do not have the will-power, think “what the others think”, self-rejection, self-denial, shyness, suppressed emotions and anger, the inability to speak, the inability to ask what you need, the inability to tell you the point of view, you want to hit someone.